Pavilion Rules

1. No alcohol

2. No personal vehicles allowed beyond the parking lot at the Meherrin River Location.
3. Music should be played at a respectable level in which it will not be a hinderence to other picnics of sporting events.

4. All trash should be properly disposed of in the onsite dumpsters or removed from the site personally.

Reservation Information

Reservation Fees

Meherrin River Park

Pavilion 1 - $25.00​

Pavilion 2 - $50.00​

Pavilion 1&2 - 75.00

Lee Street Park

Pavilion 3 - No Charge

(all reservation fees are donated to the up keep and maintenance of the facilities.)

Reservations are for pavilions only and not the other sections of the facility such as the ball fields, playground, or other picnic areas.

NO REFUNDS! Except in the event that the EGRA reserves the right t cancel any reservation due to special events, Sporting tournaments or other special EGRA activities.

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